Commercial Solutions

Tortis Coatings introduces an innovative and unique application specifically for commercial applications such as restaurant kitchens, historic building stabilization, and clean environments prone to high moisture contents. Tortis allows users to clean and sanitize their environment in a complete 360 degree protected envelope. Tortis can apply to existing or new wall, ceiling, and floor materials.

Wall Stabilization – Spring Hope Downtown Revitalization

Following the “Main Street Fire of 1906”, a masonry hardware and seed store was reconstructed on the original foundations at 126 Pine Street in Spring Hope, NC. After 100 years in business, R O Mullen’s Store closed for good. Today, the property is being redeveloped into commercial space for restaurants and retail.

The old historic building shows its age with a south facing brick wall with structural issues, friable mortar joints, and brick that is crumbling. The new owners and townspeople want to retain the aesthetic and history of the building. Tortis proposed a solution as unique as the history and building itself.

The building’s owner teamed up with Tortis Coatings to apply M1 to encapsulate the wall’s interior, locking in the brick and mortar and stopping further deterioration. M1 also locked in the dusting from the old mortar providing a healthier environment for the new tenant.  In a team effort with Edwards, Inc. and Dyer McGlamory Structural Engineers, a steel beam wall was erected to take the load off the wall and support the roof so the owner can keep the historic brick wall while safely supporting the wall, roof and ceiling.

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