Industrial Solutions

Tortis Coatings can solve endless issues found in today’s industrialized world. We can add Tortis to walking surfaces to reduce slip, trips and falls, hoppers and liners to extend their life and keep things running longer, or line containment basins to prevent environmental contamination.

Water Tank – Non-potable water corrodes traditional tank

Road tanker trucks are used by asphalt companies to minimize airborne dust from civil and paving activities by spraying water on the ground.  After many cycles of filling and spraying water, corrosion to the inner wall will eventually cause the tanks to leak, need metal repair, and eventually total replacement, costing thousands of dollars.  When Turner Asphalt (or regional paving contractor) needed to extend the life of one of their road tanker water trucks that had severe internal corrosion, they turned to Tortis for a long-term solution.

Several lining technologies can be used for lining water tanks; however, road tankers require a lining that not only will protect the steel from corrosion but will flex without cracking.  Tortis M1 was selected as the lining due to its extreme toughness, water resistance, and high degree of flexibility. The first step was to strike the inner tank walls 5-lb hammers to knock down multiple layers of corrosion and scale to prepare for abrasive blasting.  The Tortis crew then abrasive blast cleaned the tank per SSPC SP-10 near white metal with a blast profile of 3-5 mils. Tortis M1 was then applied at 80-120 mils thick, using a broad knife to work the lining into any voids or pits. Tortis M1 can be applied at any thickness in one multi-coat application making it an ideal solution for this pitted tank saving Turner Asphalt thousands in replacement cost.

ST Wooten – Asphalt Material Hopper

Tortis installed a M1 coating to the inner steel surface of regional contractor S.T. Wooten Corporation’s multi-bin hopper. This mobile hopper is used to sort and process aggregate material on the project site. Tortis M1 liner will extend life of the hopper’s steel body against aggregate abrasion, preventing costly repairs and project delays. The hopper and it’s M1 liner, as of winter 2021, is undergoing a field trial at MCAS Cherry Point during a $150 Million Airport Revitalization and repaving project. The hopper is expected to process over 150,000 tons of material during the trial.

Clean Room Solution

Maintaining sanitary walls and ceilings in pharmaceutical or food manufacturing sites is a challenge for many facility owners. Over time, destructive cleaning chemicals and harsh environments can degrade coatings and substrates. This can lead to damage to wall panels and concrete, as well as issues like rust and peeling or flaking paint. From dealing with shutdown interruptions to meeting strict safety requirements, Tortis has a solution that works for you.

Geo-Technical Drilling Rig – Nonskid surface, harsh, wet environment

Geotechnical drilling for bridge pier foundations is often dangerous work with operators driving equipment into swampy, boggy, or wetland areas to drill where a slip could result in serious injury, or death. The environment the equipment operates in is also a major cause for corrosion that must be prevented to keep the drill rig in working order. Mid-Atlantic Drilling needed to improve drill rig safety and reliability, Tortis Coatings was up to the challenge.

The drill rig was sent to the Tortis Coating shop where it was abrasive blast cleaned per the SSPC SP-10 standard of cleanliness. Welds were inspected and repaired followed by touch-up blasting. The entire drill rig was sprayed with 80-120 mils of TORTIS X-GRIP in a textured finish to provide additional anti-slip and improve safety of the drill rig. Finally, for color and gloss retention, TORTITHANE finish coat was applied in safety red and black. The drill rig is now protected from corrosion and safer for the operators.

Tortis Coatings is ready for your next project!