Marine Solutions

Tortis Coatings has extensive experience in Marine based applications. Tortis Coatings are specifically targeted for each area of watercraft.  From river boat hulls to center console boat decks, Tortis can add extended life while restoring the original beauty of your watercraft. Tortis is able to protect hulls from the harsh saltwater as well as adding strength to resist puncture or cracks to fragile fiberglass or thin aluminum hulls.

Mott Ridge Charters

Charter Captain on the Roanoke River passes rapids and rocks. Now with the boat hull coated in Tortis M1, the trip can be done safely.

Bud Bishop specializes in guided fishing and waterfowl adventures on the Roanoke River. Capt. Bud specifically sought to conquer hazardous river rocks separating him and his guests from the best fishing holes. Utilizing Tortis M1 coating, his watercraft is protected against abrasion and puncture.

Caison Yachts

Caison Yachts is one of North Carolina’s premier custom boat builders that specializes in custom sport fishing boats based upon the traditional Carolina hull.  When balancing speed, efficiency, and durability, Tortis coated aluminum fuel tanks are the best choice for corrosion resistance and durability.

Sled Torture Test

Tortis M1 is known around the area as the toughest most durable coating you can put on a boat bottom to protect your aluminum or fiberglass boat.  To demonstrate, we fabricated two 16 gauge, aluminum sleds. The same gauge most aluminum boat manufactures use. One sled is the control, the other is coated with 1/8″ of Tortis M1. Both sleds were loaded with 400 lbs of weight and dragged at 50mph for 1000 feet then over a simulated stump.

Tortis Coatings is ready for your next project!